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Earl Grey of Chimay

Getting to know the Bassist, Rhythm Guitarist, and Mischief-Maker of Blackmore's Night

The mysterious man of many hats, musical alchemist Earl Grey of Chimay continues to build his knowledge and repertoire of instruments and extraneous information. Approaching music like a scientist, he has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering and inventing new sounds while entertaining audiences with his charisma, wild antics and inane sense of humor.

Since 2008, The Earl continues to serve as a proud member of the critically acclaimed Medieval Rock group Blackmore's Night. The rhythm guitarist, bassist, and mischief maker with an infamous reputation for shenanigans was also a producer and staff writer for National Lampoon before putting on the hat in Blackmore's Night. "Richie Blackmore has a long history of playing with and recruiting some of the best musicians in the business and his bass players have been no exception." - Freddy Villano ("To The Moon and Back with Mike Clemente of Blackmore's Night", Bass Player Magazine Website September 2017).

The Earl Grey of Chimay (stage name Michael Clemente) can also be seen moonlighting as an extra in film and television, writing freelance comedy, singing heavy metal (and Bee Gees) karaoke with his friends, and even performing select Private Functions throughout the United States / Worldwide. His song repertoire consists of 2,146 songs that he performs, and can imitate Rodney Dangerfield pretty well after a few drinks.

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